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The DOS Science Prep Lab provides laboratory expertise, support and maintenance for science students and faculty, as well as community outreach programs, to promote student success, academic excellence and life-long learning in a safe and productive environment.

The Science Prep Lab focuses on the College's mission through the development of relevant and creative lab experiences delivered in a safe manner which foster a dynamic and meaningful learning environment.

Our Values:

  • Quality by providing accurate and appropriate materials which maximize opportunities for success.
  • Collegiality and teamwork by fostering and maintaining effective collaborations with faculty, students and community.
  • Safety by ensuring that students, faculty and staff achieve success in a safe environment.
  • Excellence through dedication to the maintenance of safe and efficient operations while supporting an environment of creativity and innovation.

Our Goals:

  1. Deliver high quality, relevant lab experiences in an accurate, timely and safe manner.
  2. Ensure compliance with local, state and federal lab safety regulations.
  3. Provide assistance to lab instructors in a meaningful, timely and professional manner



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