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This is your starting point for information on all the organisms you will be working with in lab. You will need to know some basics about the morphology and Gram stain characteristics of your organism to get started. Information and images on all organisms is provided. You will also find images and information on the survey organisms. Be sure to read the appropriate sections in your text book first. HUGO, the program on the lab computers, is a great resource for information about the microorganisms. You may want to consult the Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology in the lab for more detailed information on the biochemical characteristics of the organisms. Bergey's is the microbiologist's main reference. We have summarized the most important information that you will need to succeed in lab in a series of tables that are accessible under each grouping. Please remember that we are working with a very small subset of organisms and utilizing a select group of test that are both easy, safe and economical to use.


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